Friday, December 14, 2007

YOu did what???

Okay today is a school day right? Yes it is. So that means that my children are woken up at no later than 6 am. Aaron has to get up earlier than that because he catches the bus much earlier than the rest of them. So at dinner last night Aaron was telling us about mythology and this book that they have been reading as a class. He has really gotten into and comes home telling us about why this God did what he did and how this Titan got into trouble and such. So Daniel last night started just "looking" at the book. I went in about 9 pm and told him he could stay up just a few minutes longer reading. I forgot to go say lights out. Well guess what he did?? He stayed up about half the night reading that book!! Yes you read it right. He doesn't even know how long he was up for so that has to tell you something. He got to chapter 5 and there are a lot of pages with small words on them that make up just one chapter. You did what??? You now have to get up for school and all he can talk about was this book. He came down stairs with it in his hands. I had to take the darn thing away just so he would get ready this morning. I never ever in my lifetime thought I would have to take a book away from any of my kids. I told him he was going to be tired today he well I'm not tired right now. I said just wait till after you eat your lunch. I am a bit concerned about the whole situation because it shows he doesn't have self control. That is scary. Should I be concerned? Or am I just overreacting?


klonghall said...

I've stayed up way too late reading books many, many nights of my life. There is nothing quite like being so excited about a book and not being able to put it down. I love that feeling! The sleep I've missed over the years is so worth it! That doesn't happen very often. (Although, I've seen Erik Longnecker stay up all night to read a book many, many times. He turned out OK!)

The teacher in me would say that loving to read that much is a good thing for him. I'd much rather one of my kids stay up late reading than playing video games, or something else. But, then again, I'm a little biased when it comes to books. :-)

'Hope you don't mind my lurking on your blog. I found the link on Allison's website. Love the pix!


Leighanna said...

I think you should just be excited that he loves reading that much. Of course, he needs his sleep - so you may have to be his manual alarm and tell him when time is up!! I don't think kids really grasp the concept of "time" until they are teenagers. They know they should be in bed, but don't know how staying up late will affect them the next day.

All I did growing up was read. I don't remember staying up that late reading until I was a teenager, but he only got his hands on the book before bedtime!!

Daniel has always struck me as a quiet, sensitive and pensive soul -(I don't know why and correct me if I am wrong). There is something special in him. Your description of his reading all night didn't really surprise me at all. Seems he just is yearning for knowledge. Now that you know he will stay up for hours, you can help guide his schedule!! He'll be ok. :o)