Monday, March 31, 2008

Everybody loves babies

Everybody loves babies right? Well we had my sister here this last week and she has twin girls. You would think with mine too there would be enough babies to go around right? Well think again.
There were still fights over who was going first and who wanted to hold which girl. Its nice that all the kids love babies and want to hold them so much. Its just hard sometimes keeping up with who's turn it is and how long the last one got to hold them. None the less we all enjoyed each other!!! Top picture:Isabel and Eliza Middle picture: Emma and (I guess) Anna becuase I can't tell them apart to save my life. (right or wrong Allison? ) Bottom picture: Gabe and Eliza. Gabe was my little helper all week. We would be in the car and he would either get her to take a pacifier or he would rub her long enough that she would go to sleep. One day he told me I didn't buckle her in her car seat. OH yes I am sure I did. He insisted that I didn't. So we stopped the car and sure enough I hadn't gotten the thing that straps across the chest snapped. What a little life saver you are Gabe!!!!

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Sydney said...

I love that picture - Gabe is looking like what do I do now that she's crying