Friday, March 14, 2008

Sarah's 1st Grade Play

I wish I could have been there for this but she looks like she had a lot of fun. Tom said she was the only one who was animated out of her class. For those of you that may not recognize her she is the one bouncing up and down in the second row with the long hair. Tom said that this might be something that Sarah really might like to do. Perform. She wasn't even scared. What a sweetie. And I am not sure why she was making the face she was in the picture but I thought it was cute.


Leighanna said...

Hey Dana- Glad Sarah enjoyed her play. I love the picture of her!!! Yeah, the concert was for me... but I have worn Reid down some and he even likes some country now!! We left William with a friend (she has a 1yr old and we trade off babysitting. Sure beats having to pay for it... we do it several times a month!)

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Too cute! Sarah- what a great job you did. I wish I could have been there to see you.
Dana- She's quite the ham. I agree with Tom, that might be a direction she might want to explore. Let her know how proud I am of her! Tell her she will have to sing the song to me when I get there.

Sydney said...

Oh yeah she is more animated than the others. Great Job Sarah.