Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday fun

Well yesterday was Daniel's 10th birthday. We have started a new tradition in our family that the morning of their birthday we come wake them up with a little debbie cake and a burning candle and sing the birthday song. He had really wanted to go to this body exhibit in Mobile. I looked into it and it was really expensive. So we decided it would be a son and dad thing.
They had a blast being together all day long. I gave specific instructions to take lots of pictures do you think that happened? WE lets just say they are male. The actual body exhibit they were banned from taking pictures because they were actual preserved bodies. So apparently he learned anything from how babies are made to how the connections in your brain work and everything in between. I wish I could have been there but I am glad that they had a good time. He got some books that he really wanted for his birthday. I can't remember what they are called but they are from a Mythology series. All in all he really enjoyed his whole day.


Leighanna said...

Ugh - I can't believe they went to that exhibit! They had it in Atlanta a while back - the whole idea of the thing grossed me out. I just couldn't get over that they were real people - unclaimed/donated or not, I just feel there should be different respect for the dead. But that is just me... No judgments or anything - I just thought it was morbid. I'm glad they had a good time though! It was probably very nice to get some time with dad!!! :o) (As for the picture thing... I only get the HTML code when I paste pictures - I used to see the pictures, but now I don't- So, I can copy and paste the code for whereever I want the picture to go. Although, I found it is easier to start with the last picture and work your way backwards to the picture you want showing first... then you don't have to cut and paste. As far as getting them next to each other - that is an option you select right after you choose the picture. Underneath the file name there should be options (left, center, right) which is where the picture will align. You select it before you choose "done or select" or whatever to actually download the picture to the blog). Whoa - way too long... Gonna go now!!!

Sydney said...

I am so glad they got to spend some alone time - I think that is good for Daniel. Happy Birthday Daniel.