Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been tagged

I wanted to put a picture of Tom and I on here but realized that we hardly ever take pictures together. So here is the deal I am suppose to tell of 6 things that we love to do together.

1. We love to sleep together. And no all you pervs get your mind out of the gutter. I mean we actually love to sleep in the same bed together. I know that sounds like such a lame thing to say but since we haven't slept in the same bed together for at least a month I am really missing it. It never fails when I get to the end of my pregnancy Tom always ends up in another room sleeping because I toss and turn and get up a billion times to pee at night. So now that he is in the baby's room sleeping I get the whole bed to myself and I sleep better knowing I am not keeping him up but none the less it is something that we love to do and take for granted until we aren't doing it anymore

2. We love to go on dates together. That is sometimes hard to come by. Especially since our babysitters have all moved. WE have slowly started letting Aaron babysit and it general has been all right. We only feel comfortable leaving for a couple of hours so no dinner and movie in a long time but we will get there.

3. We love laughing together. WE watched this show that Bill Cosby did on tv and we laughed our heads off. It nice to have that time together.

4. We love taking baths together. We moved here and we have a big jetted tub so both of us can fit. Its a nice excuse to be alone where no one(or should I say no too many bother us) It gives us a little date within our own house to have.

5. Hummmmm spending time together
6. Hummmmmm spending time together What can you say after 12 years of marraige and 6 kids your time together uninterrupted is few and far between and very much loved!!!

Now its your turn all my blogger friends to tell us what you love to do with your husbands most.

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