Friday, February 1, 2008

It never gets old

Feeling my baby move in my stomach never gets old. Even with this being #7 it is still so amazing to me what happens to the body. The rest of the kids don't get tired of it either. YOu should have seen the scene last night. Me sitting in the rocking chair and 5 other kids on their knees gathered around me in a semi-circle. They watched my tummy dance around. They felt my tummy do a jiggle dance. And they even listened to my tummy with a play stethoscope hoping to hear the baby move around in there. Nathan was the only one who missed out on the party going on in my stomach because he was busy putting a puzzle together. He can get lost for hours putting those together. As many times as Aaron has been through this,he still loves my ever expanding belly and loves getting any change he can at feeling movement inside. The others love it as well but just haven't experienced it as much as he has. I watched a family last night on tv that had 13 kids and she was pregnant with #14. They decided to wait to find out what they were having until their wedding anniversary and announce to the whole family at once. YOu should have seen her jump for joy when she opened the envelope only to find out that she was having a girl. It never gets old. Even with #14 apparently. I was up quite a bit thinking about the things that I want to get done before baby comes. Meals prepared and frozen, painting, hospital back packed, list of people and numbers and plan in place when we need to take off for hospital. Soooo many things I hope I can get them done.


Sydney said...

It's exciting - I can't wait to see the newest family member. I love you very much.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

I agree. In fact, I think that is the only great thing about pregnancy (he he he). I can't wait to meet him/her also. He/She will be a great addition to the family.