Monday, February 4, 2008

Sweet love

This is the kind of thing that I completely live for as a mother. It really does cancel out all the pin mark that I see on my wall as I sit here writing this post. It cancels out the underwear that I had to take care of because he pooped in them.It cancels out the marks all over his body because he decided to "color"- as you can tell we have problems with him and any writing instrument. Emma wasn't sick she was just sleeping but I think that he was trying to give her a blessing. I thought maybe she was getting sick because she fell asleep so early in the day.

As promised I have a better picture of me pregnant. The girls actually took these. Pretty good huh?


Leighanna said...

Dana... you look SOOOO cute. I can't wait to meet that little person inside. Matthew is such a sweet boy! Sorry you feel so rotten (I totally feel your pain). Here's hoping you have an easy next couple of weeks.

Sydney said...

Hey your looking good - Love the lundary basket in the foregound