Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spelling B

S-M-O-G-G-Y That was the word that got Daniel kicked out of the spelling B. That was the first time any of my kids were part of something like that and it was throughly enjoyable. We had hoped that it would be a good experience for Daniel as well and even though he didn't win he didn't let that deflate his self esteem. We had pictures in our head of crying but there was none of that. As I helped him study throughout the weeks he always struggled with double letters like that so when that was the word they gave him I saw him freeze up. None the less he enjoyed it and was proud to have his family there cheering him on. Why do we spell smoggy with 2 "g's" anyway? Smog is just one g so why can't we just add the y at the end and be done with it? I learned things from the words he had. If I didn't know what they were I would look them up for him and we would learn the definitions together. I am proud of my little speller!!!


Tracy said...

Maybe if it only had one "g" it would rhyme with smoky?

We have loved Maddie's hair when she's had it short, it's so bouncy and seems to look better longer in the day. I'm sure you'll love Emma's hair that way.

Carla said...

yeah, it would rhyme with smoky b/c a "Y" is a quasi-vowel. Tell Daniel i'm proud of him too! That's great that he had the confidence and drive to even attempt such a thing.

Sydney said...

Oh Heck Yeah!! His maternal side of the family CAN'T SPELLLL.