Thursday, February 14, 2008

YOu knowyour TOO pregnant when.....

You know your TOO pregnant when......
  1. You have to ask for help in putting your shoes and socks on
  2. You have to lay down on the bed to put your underwear on
  3. You can't fit into your maternity belt any longer(I am refusing to get another one for they are so stinking expensive but have saved my back)
  4. You have gained a uni-brow because you can no longer lean over to see close enough to the mirror to even see your eyes close up
  5. YOu wait for hours for someone to come sweep up the pile you swept into a nice little pile because yes you can use the broom but no you don't want to bend over to sweep it into a dust pan because it either hurts to bend over or you are just sick and tired of squatting to do a job.
  6. You pick up something you dropped on the floor with your toes
  7. You have to take a break at the top of the stairs to regain your breath
  8. you have to sit on the side of the tub because you are just too worn out from taking a shower to dry yourself off
  9. It takes you twice as long to get down the church hall because you waddle so badly that its like taking two extra step in between what should be the normal one step
  10. you wake up and 2 hours later are ready to go back to bed
Tell me ladies what have I forgotten?


Peless Family said...

Well Dana that looks like you pretty much covered it.
To make a slideshow on your blog you just make a web album from picasa. After it loads on the left of the screen it will say embed slideshow. You click on that and then you will see the computer code type stuff. You copy that and then go to your blog to add a post and paste it there. Let me know if you need anymore instruction it is kind of hard to explain.
Good Luck!

Carla said...

haha, yeah, you covered it. that's great. oh know you're too pregnant when even maternity clothes no longer cover the belly.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Amen! Amen! Another is you go through a roll of toliet paper in two days from all the potty breaks you take. ... You let your children sit in front of the tv all day because you don't have the energy to "take care of them". ...When you let the little ones go find what they can for lunch because you just can't make them a sandwich. ...You wear slippers to church because you can't fit in your shoes anymore. Oh how the list could go on and on. You are almost done girl. Hang in there a little longer. And by the way, I total laughed my head off at the unibrow. At the hospital, I was plucking my eyebrows instead of sleeping one night. HA HA HA!!!!