Friday, February 22, 2008

I will survive!!!

Why do the forces of nature work in the middle of the night? It never fails, when kids get the flu is always in the middle of the night. It has cycled through everyone but Aaron and Nathan now. I think I will be awaiting a call from one of the schools today saying to come and get him. The kids are now older so it is not as bad on me anyway when they get sick. The only one that was horrible was Matthew. He refused to puke in a bowl. He would get up(in the middle of the night) and lean up enough to puke and then lay back down. I would jump up and shove a bowl underneath his face but he would try and move his head away. I started doing a bunch of laundry as I realized he was starting to feel better. That started everything. I think I scowered almost everything in the house yesterday. I even had to scower the school bus. Daniel threw up as he was getting off the bus-poor kid. I think I have done 8 loads of laundry in a one day period and my hands my permanently smell like bleach. I was praying as Tom came home early from work feeling lowsy that this baby would wait to come until everyone is better. I am completely wiped out this morning from cleaning all day. But as always the mom will survive!!!

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Carla said...

Awe, you poor woman! I just hope you don't get it. Because that's the worst, when you would love to die, but you still have to plug on even if only in part.